hak cipta taufiqshariff photography
By: taufiq shariff

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Wednesday, 28-Nov-2007 11:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PROMOeS!! (tolong kawan kawan)

PROMO 1 untuk hafizmuhtar

sesiapa nak set up website sendiri??


PROMO 2 untuk fad photoplay

RANTAi can be defined as a collaboration between young designers from all kinds of art genre. RANTAi symbolises that although there are a lot of art mediums and different ideas, they still connect with each other under one name, which is art. It also proves that art will always be in us whether we realised it or not. Therefore, RANTAi would want to give an opportunity for these fresh talents to show what they are capable of and to make them believe that they are all in one link, RANTAi

held on 12th to 16th december 2007 at M.I.A,153 Jalan Ampang,Art Gallery House,Kuala Lumpur

usefull link:


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Saturday, 24-Nov-2007 00:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
part 2 : Venice

night view on slow shutter
pasta seafood, original italiano
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part two.....
click on the thumbnails to see more....
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Tuesday, 20-Nov-2007 14:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
venice : PART 1

tido dalam flight.
carik hostel
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ok, heres the first part of my trip to Venice. Tengok la ye. The weather was not really good. So i had to turn some of them to black and white
banyak gambar nak share nih, kalau boleh nak sumbat je semua gambar dalam nih .
tunggu laa nnt aku upload part 2 & 3 pulak....
masa ni laaa 1st time dalam idop aku langsung tak tido satu malam (sebab minum kopi banyak sangat) haihhh, rasa macam zombie gak masa 1st day kat venice tu

Wednesday, 14-Nov-2007 02:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
rewind : k u a l a l u m p u r


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Monday, 5-Nov-2007 18:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
herbst // autumn // luruh // fall // jatuh

fizi AKA chek doggy dogg
mat damn
taufiq himself (frust gambar blur)
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hari sabtu aritu.....
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